Dr Nutree is a premium brand that focuses on the production of various customized edibles that will add nutrition value to your diet.

We want magic to increase our
1. Proteins
2. Fiber
3. Vitamins, minerals & antioxidants

But at the same time we want to reduce

  1. Simple carbs
  2. Calories
  3. Sugar & preservatives

Dr. Nutree has come up with the production of such products that we use in our daily diet such as Atta or health drink powder. So, these products can easily substitute the unhealthy edibles and hence associate us with healthy lifestyle


Today’s Health Scenario

  • Do you know in India every 4th person is Diabetic or prone to be diabetic

  • Every day 12000 people are dying because of heart related issues.

  • 65% women & 55% men are overweight 75% people suffering form indigestion.

  • According to WHO if you are overweight, you tend to attract 5 types of life style diseases - First is Diabetes mellitus, Second is Stroke, Third is Blood Pressure, Fourth is heart diseases and last is certain types of cancer.

Our Vision

  • To address the nutritional deficiency of our modern daily diet.
  • To provide a solution to this deficiency without changing the essence of our staple diet.
  • To introduce products that are derived from high-quality grains.
  • As the ancient Indian Science “Ayurveda” says that the cause of every disease linked to our stomach, Dr. Nutree firmly believes that & there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Our Mission

  • To work for the evolution of healthy society by continuously focussing on daily nutrition, ruling out all kinds of quick fixes.
  • To ensure that every individual in the society is aware of benefits of good nutrition.
– Dr. Kanchan Patwardhan

Our clients

We work with big and small.

Whether you contract with us to install a drainage system or a full-featured landscape design and installation, you’ll always get what you pay for.

“We are new customers of this company and have been very favorably impressed with the quality of the work performed by your employees.”


"My Team shows up on time, works efficiently and quickly, and cleans things up well. Along with very competitive pricing, they provide a good service and excellent value!"


“ The Gardeny Guys are fast and efficient. They fixed our old Valve box for the Sprinkler system and we always have them do our Sprinkler Blowouts in the Fall.”


"Best lawn service I have ever used. I use them for everything from mowing, fertilization and irrigation. I even had them pressure wash my house and it looks like new."


"The driver was extremely professional, courteous, and the price quoted was fair. I would happily hire The guys from Gardeny again! He did an excellent job clearing my driveway of snow!"



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