How can honey be incorporated in the daily diet?


Small –small changes in our daily diet one can obtain optimum health, such as honey we must incorporate honey in our daily diet.

  1. We can add honey in lemon water or lemon ginger green tea or any other beverages in place of refined sugar and other artificial sweeteners.
  2. Can add in breakfast cereals.
  3. Enjoy honey with peanut butter sandwich.
  4. Can obtain maximum nutritional benefits by making honey amla candy.
  5. Add it on your favourite pan cakes

How honey can treat various infections or allergies in monsoon? (for eg cough and so on)

Answer –

Honey’s antibacterial property prevents bacterial growth in the body. Honey contains floral flavonoids which increases antioxidants within the body, reduces oxidative damages and helps in removing free radicals. Hydrogen peroxide the other ingredient in honey works as a sterilizer and prevent infections. Thus honey prevents us from many infections and allergies.  When we consume honey it coats the throat which is very soothing because of sweet taste and because of this sweet taste salivation increases which dilute mucus and reduces irritation and cough.

Is there any particular amount in which honey should be consumed?


There is no as such particular amount or RDA (recommended Dietary Allowances) for honey.

A spoonful of honey can satisfy taste buds and improve health.

But after all it is sweet and contains calories so we must consume according to our daily calorie requirement.

Other Benefits of honey

Honey is very nutritious

Honey is much healthier choice than processed refined sugar which has zero nutritional value and empty calories but honey is honey contains many vitamins such as B6, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and certain amino acids minerals including calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc.

Natural energy Booster

Honey is natural energy booster we can take lemon honey water before workouts it provides you extra endurance and stamina. Honey contains natural fruit sugar (fructose) which prevents muscular fatigue during workouts. Fructose in honey absorbed very slowly than glucose thus provides sustained energy for longer period and because of these quality even diabetic patients can also consume it but in limited quantity.

Honey has anti carcinogenic properties

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