With a beginning of New Year, many people have made resolutions for healthy living and lifestyle. A New Year start is coming with the kickass marathon to encourage and motivate healthy living.

It is very essential one has to start exercise and warm ups few weeks before marathon, this enables your body to relax. Kanchan Patwardhan, Clinical nutritionist suggest few points for pre marathon

During marathon training is very important to emphasis on our diet properly. First calculate your daily calories you are consuming in whole day and calculate calories burning in whole day including your daily training schedule and total mileage you run. Your calorie intake and calories expenditure should be equal. If your calorie consumption is less then what you burn then you need to increase your total calories depending on your requirement.  Say if it is a gap of 300 -500 calories than you can add 400-600 calories, but make sure calories should be come from right proportion of carbohydrates, proteins, fat, vitamins and minerals.

The Carbohydrates; preferred source of energy

Carbohydrate is very important macronutrient for Marathon runner because carbs converted in to glycogen and stored in liver and muscles; and our body uses that glycogen while running. That’s why enough carbohydrate intake is essential and also depends on how many miles you are running in a day. Suppose if you are running just 40-50 min / day you should consume 3-5 gm / kg body weight is required.  If you are running for 120 minutes or longer, consume 8-10 gms carbs / kg body weight.  It should be come from whole grain cereals, nutritionally dance fruits, rasins, dates, dry figs, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beet roots and other vegetables etc

The proteins and fats

Carbohydrates are essential for energy the same way proteins are equally important to keep body’s core muscles strong. While running and other workout sessions sometimes our muscles gets heart and it becomes weak, proteins helps in repair and rebuild muscles. So during marathon training one must take enough proteins every day for runners 1 gms / kg body weight proteins are essential. The same way fat are equally important. It gives energy for long run. Essential fatty acids and proteins keep joints lubricating and healthy.  Your proteins and fat should come from eggs, fish, chicken, sprouts milk , cheese, curd, walnuts, almonds, peas, pulses, beans etc.  these are not only good source of proteins but also good source of vitamins and minerals also such  of vitamin E, C and B

Consumption of Vitamin e and B will avoid cramps in your body. Must include all colors of fruits and vegetables in the diet to obtain enough vitamins and antioxidants. Which helps in not only in boosting immunity as well as fighting with free radicals also.

  • Electrolyte balance is the major requirement of our body.one must have Lime juice, kokum juice, coconut water, orange juice, pomegranate juice, and carrot and beet root juice in order to balance the electrolyte levels instead of energy drinks. We must keep in mind to not add excessive sugar to these juices which will create stomach aches while your workout sessions.   
  • Must drink enough water to prevent dehydration

Do not hustle just because there is a marathon tomorrow. This can prove very hazardous to your heart also you might experiences instant sprain. So no hustle there is always a next time. So starting from today is a need of the hour because it minimum takes six months for an individuals to become a pro runner

Tips for work out:-

Day by day increase your work out levels.

Do not try doing excessive workout at the very first day.

Doing the same might adversary affect your body.

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