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Dr. Nutree USP


Dr. Nutree has come up with the production of products that we can use in our daily diet such as Atta or health drink powder. These products are designed to substitute the unhealthy edibles and hence associate us with healthy lifestyle.


All the products under the flagship of Dr. Nutree are manufactured with utmost Care and are fortified with such essential ingredients that ensure you proper nutrition & good health thereby protecting you from various lifestyle disorders.


Proteins, minerals, antioxidants are loaded in our food products which highly amplifies the food value of each product. Edibles from our brand successfully replace the excess calories and carbohydrates from your diet thus keep you away from harmful lifestyle disorders.


Dr. Nutree Products supplement the diet in such a manner that it takes care of individual’s health issues such as Diabetes, PCOD, constipation, hyperthyroidism, hypertension, slow metabolism, low immunity, high cholesterol.

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