Energy bar


(sugar free / no artificial sweetener/ no preservative)
Product targeted To :
Low Immunity people, to treat anaemia, Overweight and Obese people, To Increase Metabolism For weight Management, Constipation and Cholesterol Management, PCOD, To increase muscle mass, for athletes, marathon runners, to increase endurance.


Product Benefits :
o Made up of super quality seeds black raisins dry fig and black dates
o High in iron and calcium
o Diabetic friendly, No sugar, no jaggery, no artificial sweeteners no preservative, no ghee oil or trans fats
o Loaded with vitamins
o Superb combination of soluble and insoluble fiber.
o Perfect combination of heart friendly fat omega 3-6-9
o Act as a fuel for body
o Increase stamina

Additional information


250gm, 500gm


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