Roasted Chana Jor

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150 gm


High in Protein

The protein content in roasted chana can help in controlling and reducing weight. These healthy delights can keep hunger pangs at bay as they are sure to keep you fuller for longer. To increase its nutritional value, you can add paneer and veggies in it and savour it in the form of chaat.

Good Source of Iron and Folic acid and Selenium

  • Helps In weight management.
  • Improves Digestion.
  • Acts as a fuel for the body.
  • Contains Phyochemical Saponin
  • Treats Anaemia and increases Haemoglobin Count.

How to consume:  Can be a great Hi-Tea snack. Simply add onion tomatoes, to make it more nutritious. You may add salt to your taste, because the original product is salt-free.

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    excellent product

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